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This album was recorded by three kroodlers from Indiana, who called themselves Skatewhores, as a 2011-summer project.

1. Skatewhore
2. Doggy Balls
3. More Sex
4. Shelly Is Smelly
5. Cactus Death
6. Hungry, Alone
7. Rectal Freckle
8. Skatewhores
9. Life

surf outlaws / josh

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uh, yeah, real straightforward folks.

surf rock, some rockabilly, some psychobilly, some punk. real fun mix if you’re into any of the previously mentioned things. gothy west coast summer 2k11.

FFO: glenn danzig, rockabilly, gothy stuff, surf rock ‘n surfin’, rock music ‘n rockin’, the beach, the Lost Boys, F.T.W., reverb used excessively.

danzig – not of this world

social distortion – the creeps

batmobile – killers crew

koffin kats – mechanical youth

ceremony – open head

the bambi molesters – wrong turn

jesse malin – lowlife in a high rise

nick 13 – 101

neil young – vampire blues

the mermen – soul surfin’

the misfits – teenagers from mars

the mermen – apo calypso

tiger army – outlaw heart

the bambi molesters – beach murder mystery

batmobile – demon party

download link – download

no sleep – damian

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songs listened to while not sleeping, but wanting to. eyes and ears always open.

Beau Navire – It’s not art, It’s a myth

Saves The day – At your funeral

Memoryhouse – Bonfire

Joyce Manor – Constant headcahe

Jay Z – Feelin’ it

Crywank – Hikikomori

Bon Iver – Holocene

MewithoutYou – In a sweater poorly knit

Woods – Keep it on

At the drive-in – One armed scissor

Pussy Babies – Oscar

Balance And Composure – Separation

Kickball – Take

Why? – The Vowels pt 2

Grown Ups – Three Day Weekend

Kanye West – We major

Why? – Yo yo bye bye

midnight in the city/josh

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so this is a companion playlist to the city by day that was posted earlier today. this one is a lot more focused conceptually, not so much about the concept of the city itself but generally about a couple in love in the city and the troubles of the night/life/relationships.

really, just imagine a man and a woman in a big city that are clueless as to what’s next in life (romantically, career wise, money wise) and the conversations they’d have over dinner, or walking under streetlights, or whatever. the song titles really explain the story i was going for, the lyrics just flesh it out.

FFO: gothy, shoegaze stuff, romantic stuff, my idea of a city at night and soundtracking a couple, cluelessness, a really relaxed mix.

mazzy star – look on down from the bridge

the walkmen – on the water

esben & the witch – swans

grouper – we’ve all time to sleep

air formation – the dark has fallen

chapel club – bodies

the cranberries – put me down

arcade fire – headlights look like diamonds

the joy formidable – the greatest light is in the greatest shade

wye oak – talking about money

the national – walk off

i like trains – hope is not enough

i love you but i’ve chosen darkness – last ride together

the twilight singers – love

highspire – dead by dawn

download link – download

the city by light / josh

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this mix is a really strange, multi-dimensional view of a highly populated city. for some people it ends up being all they ever see, for others it’s a destination, others- a transitional space. the idea i was getting at with each track is the perspective of your everyday man or woman, age/lifestyle/beliefs aside. the city during the day becomes a place of hope, prosperity, wonder, poetry, and banality. we’re all sort of looking for tiny sparks of life amidst all that’s going on.

hopefully you get that. if not, well, i hope you at least dig some of the songs

FFO: indie rock, hopes, cities, ben gibbard’s sorrow dripping through a pinhole, david bowie, a dub song (not dubstep), being complacent with concepts in mind.


the hold steady – stuck between stations (acoustic)

shearwater – sung into the street

death cab for cutie – marching bands of manhattan

interpol – public pervert

the strokes – this modern age

david bowie – young americans

jenny & johnny – new yorker cartoon

the national – apartment story

jesse malin – lowlife on a high rise

bloc party – waiting for the 7.18

burial – in mcdonalds

mogwai – letter to the metro

crime in stereo – unfortunate tourists

foo fighters – walking after you

jimmy eat world – coffee & cigarettes

download link – download

on the road / josh

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Kerouac’s classic. I’ll give you a synopsis and say this: if you haven’t read it you’re missing out on a really great novel & piece of literature.

Synopsis (wikipedia): On the Road is a novel by American writer Jack Kerouac, written in April 1951, and published by Viking Press in 1957. It is a largely autobiographical work that was based on the spontaneous road trips of Kerouac and his friends across mid-century America. It is often considered a defining work of the post-war Beat Generation that was inspired by jazzpoetry, and drug experiences. While many of the names and details of Kerouac’s experiences are changed for the novel, hundreds of references in On the Road have real-world counterparts.

Essentially, this mix encompasses youth, wanderlust, introspection, and the urge to find more amidst a world that’s just sort of… bullshit.

coconut records – west coast

neil young – on the beach

bob dylan – down the highway

bright eyes – hot knives

clem snide – denver

conor oberst and the mystic valley band – cabbage town

the donkeys – east coast raga

elvis costello – goon squad

miles davis – ’round midnight

modest mouse – lounge

the national – all the wine

simon & garfunkel – america

tom waits – ’til the money runs out

the war on drugs – buenos aires beach

stan getz – handful of stars

download link – download

Out For Blood ======= The Chode

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====== some original artwork for you === if you dont give a fuck then listen to this dumbass mixtape =====

David Says – Steaming Coils

My Baby Left Me – Creedence Clearwater Revival

I Don’t Care – Circle Jerks

Slut – G.B.H.

Be Forewarned – Pentagram

Drop Dead Baby – Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin

You Fucked Up – Ween

Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight? – The Misfits

For the Love of Ivy – The Gun Club

No Remorse – Metallica

Blockbuster – The Jesus Lizard

Dave the Butcher – Tom Waits

We Hate You – Electric Wizard

Run, Pig, Run – Queens of the Stone Age

Seek and Destroy – Metallica

Westside Slaughterhouse – N.W.A.

Capital Punishment In America – Da Lench Mob

You Should Never Have Opened That Door – Ty Segall